Text Editor Tips

File Name

The File Name field allows users to give their text file a name so when it's downloaded, saved to Drive or shared it has a unique name for identification purposes.

Open File

Click the Open File button to bring up the file picker on your device. The supported file formats that are on your device will be available to opened in Textdoc. These file formats include TXT, CSV, HTML, XML, CSS and JSON.

Save to Drive

Click the Save to Drive button if the text file you're working on is important enough to save in your Drive account. Google will prompt you to allow access to your account so the file can be saved. The text file will be automatically converted to a Doc, which will make it editable in Drive.


The Share button will open a module where the editable or uneditable url to your text doc can be copied and shared through email, slack, chat, social media or elsewhere.


The Lock button allows you to add a password to your text doc so it's completely private. This is useful if you're working on content that needs an extra layer of security.


The Download button does just that, downloads the text file to your device.


The Plus button creates a new doc in a new tab. This is helpful if you'd like to work on multiple text files at once.


The Wordwrap option is defaulted ON and wraps the text to a new line. This is a word processing feature that automatically transfers a word for which there is insufficient space from the end of one line of text to the beginning of the next.

Line Numbers

The Line Numbers is defaulted to OFF, but can be enabled if you'd like to see line items assigned to your text file. This is useful if you're creating a list, working on code or just like to know how many lines your file contains.

Auto Save

The text entered is auto saved so you can pause and come back to your text doc anytime to continue where you left off.

Unique URLs

Each text doc has a unique url that can be bookmarked or shared anywhere.

Gmail / Drive Add-On

Get our Gmail or Drive add-on which allows users to open text file right from their Gmail or Drive accounts, making them editable text files.