Organize conversations into topic specific, shareable chat rooms.

Create a channel for any topic, project or for a group of people to share ideas.

Create New Channel

Free Chat Room

A free chat room that allows you to quickly and easily discuss a topic or project with a group of people.


Create a chat channel to collaborate and share ideas around a specific topic or project. Channels help users focus on the task at hand.


Share a link to your channel through a unique url to a colleague, a client or a friend through a url accessible to anyone with the url.

Private Conversations

Lock your chat channel with a password to keep your conversation private to the users within the chat channel.

All Platforms

Meant to be a simple alternative to Slack Chat, Discord Chat, Telegram Chat and Skype Chat, Channels is available on all platforms without downloading.

No Login Required

Anyone can create, join and participate in a chat channel without the need to create an account or login. Always 100% free.

How to use Channels

  1. First, click the Create New Channel.
  2. Then enter the name of the channel and custom url.
  3. Enter the chat channel and share the url with your desired participant.
  4. Optionally lock the chat channel with a password.

What is a Chat Channel?

A chat channel is a chat room focused around a specific topic for friends, family or colleagues to freely communicate in real time. Our free chat rooms are centered around specific Channels to focus the conversation to that one topic, idea or project. There are several ways to chat with people like Discord Chat, Telegram Chat, Slack Chat and Skype. These products require the user to register and login whereas anyone can chat online free with Channels. Discord chat and Chat Ave are popular but for a simplified, private and shareable chat room online, create a new Channel above.